Jack’s Abby and Otter Creek Joint Custody

Jack's Abby and Otter Creek Joint Custody

Tonight I’m a bachelor. The wife recently started working a new job and it’s retail hours. She won’t be home until later tonight, so I’m hanging out home alone. It’s a little bit lonely actually, but it’s all good. I’m doing some chores around the house, eating a meal that she doesn’t care for (spaghetti), and I plan I spending the rest of the evening playing video games.

Before I get to the gaming, I figured I should throw in a review of Jack’s Abby and Otter Creek Joint Custody. The beer is [probably obviously] a collaboration. It’s a German pilsener by style, however it has a quite unexpected taste. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it. It starts out super hoppy, with a flavor that immediately reminds me of one of my go-to drinking beers – Notch Left of the Dial. The curve-ball comes in the finish…a flavor I couldn’t place at first. Sip after sip I tried to place it, until it finally came to me: it’s smokey! A quick Google of other reviews confirmed the suspicion – the beer must use smoked malts of some kind. An interesting twist. I probably wouldn’t get it again, as smoked beer isn’t my thing, but I would recommend you try it given how unique it is!


Author: Joshua Dion

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