Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

Whoooosh. That my friends is the sound of the weekend flying by. Saturday was a busy and exciting day as we held Melissa’s big birthday bash. A huge number of friends and family turned out for the Little Mermaid themed pool party. The birthday girl ended up landing a number of very thoughtful gifts, which was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise for her. We took our dog Brady along and he spent the entire day laying in the grass. He was one happy dog. My contribution was my crowd pleasing paloma recipe.

Birthday hotty!
Birthday hotty!

Today has been far more lazy. We went to church and did just a little bit of house cleaning. We also took much needed naps. Now I’m sipping on this Lord Hobo Boom Sauce and trying to decide what to do with my evening.

Boom Sauce is the flagship beer from Lord Hobo Brewing. And yes, Lord Hobo Brewing is related to Lord Hobo in Cambridge. I’m quite fond of Hobo and I held two beer meetups there – one in 2010 and another in 2012.

Long before the brewery opened a few months ago, Proprietor Daniel Lanigan made sure everyone knew the name Boom Sauce; I saw it all over my social media stream. He did a great job of building hype. However, hype is a double edged sword. Super-hyped beer often leads to super-letdown. While I won’t say that Boom Sauce disappoints me, I will say that it doesn’t meet the hype.

My thoughts? It’ an American IPA with 8% ABV. It’s on the maltier side for the style, although certainly not lacking any hoppiness (mainly citrus). It has a medium to heavy body and relatively low carbonation. The label states that it’s a blend of three different IPAs…an interesting concept, although I can’t say that the blending makes the beer especially unique in flavor.

Over-hyped, but still a good beer. I’d probably get it again, if it wasn’t so damn expensive ($15 for a four-pack).


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