Ommegang Gnomegang

Ommegang Gnomegang

Another week is in the books. Lord, how the time does fly by. In this case, I’m all good with the week zipping by. Next week we’re off to Vegas and I cannot wait! I’ve got a nice boring weekend ahead of me and besides running some errands and cleaning house, I plan to fully veg out. I’m kicking off the weekend on the couch, watching the movie Insurgent…the second movie in the Divergent series.

I’m also drinking a bottle of Ommegang Gnomegang. This is one of those beers that has been around for quite some time, but I’ve never tried. It’s marketed as a blonde ale, but in actuality it’s a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. From the taste of the beer, it’s IMMEDIATELY obvious that it’s no where near a blonde ale. Banana, clove and spice aromas and flavors are intense and bold. If you’re into Belgian beers, then this sucker should be right in your wheelhouse. I think it’s pretty tasty.


Ommegang Gnomegang

Author: Joshua Dion

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