Queen City Hefeweizen

Queen City Hefeweizen
About 1/4 of a second after my dog’s tongue was up my nose. Selfie-fail.

Folks, I have an amazing story to tell. Tonight, virtually unassisted, I disconnected and removed our dishwasher…all WITHOUT being electrocuted, severing a digit, being crushed or otherwise injuring myself. Tomorrow the new one is delivered and I’ll be installing it, hopefully with similar ease. For most people, this is a no-brainer home project. However, this was a major feat for a guy who screws up every handyman task, including something as simple as hanging a picture.

To celebrate this victory, I’m drinking a bottle of Queen City Hefeweizen. Apparently this is one of the last holdouts of beer that my mother gave me a few months ago. The beer is a very solid hefe. Banana and clove play a huge role, followed by a bread-like flavor. VERY refreshing on a 95 degree day like today. And speaking of the weather, my dog has been FREAKING out throughout this whole review. I believe he would like to take a stroll in this heat.


Author: Joshua Dion

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