Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA

Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA

Tonight we finally watched the movie American Sniper, and holy cow, what a well made movie. Perhaps the best movie I’ve seen that involved the war in the Middle East. I’m really drawn to anything that involves military history. Speaking of which, I REALLY need to get back to reading. I have dozens, maybe even a couple hundred, World War 2 books waiting to be read. My issue is that all my time is currently sunk into a freaking video game – Elder Scrolls Online. If you play, and you’d like to friend me, hit me up using my gametag, DueceMasterD.

We’re following the movie up with a second, much different movie: Punisher War Zone. I’m pairing this movie with Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA, a 7% ABV American Pale Ale. As I just learned, Roaring Brook is a Vermont brewery that uses the facilities at Rock Art Brewing to produce their beer. Gold Rush is packed with fruity and pine-flavored hops. It comes across far closer to an IPA than a traditional pale ale. It doesn’t particularly stand out as unique or exceptionally good, although I can’t fault it either. Solid, but average beer. Perhaps a few bonus points for killer head.


Author: Joshua Dion

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