Two Roads Honeyspot Road

Two Roads Honeyspot Road

Hidey Ho, ya’ll. Happy Saturday. This week flew by. Things are busy at work as well as at home. On Thursday I came down with a headcold. It’s been going around work. Melissa also had it for a couple days before I go it. Luckily it came and went quickly. Today we spent some time at Woofstock (a dog festival). The rest of the time has been spent on the couch. Tomorrow will likely be more of the same, as the Patriots play again.

Tonight, as I loaf around, I’m trying a bottle of Two Roads Honeyspot Road. It’s admittedly been in my fridge for quite some time, a victim of my shitty lack of blogging. The beer is marketed as a “white IPA”. This style, an IPA brewed with wheat, has grown in popularity. Fun fact: I don’t believe white IPA is an official beer style.

The beer is what I expected: slightly hoppy, notes of bready wheat and a strong citrus flavor. The body is on the lighter side and the ABV is 6.0. It’s summery, which only makes me sad…stupid fall is already upon us. It’s an OK beer. Although I’m not jumping for joy over it, I can’t find any faults in it either. So, if you’re into white beers and/or IPAs, you should give this a go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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