Riverwalk Gnomad

Riverwalk Gnomad

Last week I talked about the work-related convention I was taking part in. I’m happy to report that all went quite well. Well enough that I even got a job offer! That certainly wasn’t the goal and I’m even more certainly not in the market for a career change, but it was a great feeling nonetheless.

This past weekend was uneventful. Lots of video games and lots of chores and house cleaning. All topped off with watching an AMAZING Patriots game on TV, as they barely squeaked by the Giants to keep their undefeated streak alive.

Staying in theme with my Riverwalk brewery beers I reviewed last week, tonight I’m enjoying a bottle of Riverwalk Gnomad. The beer is a saison style with a hefty 7.7% ABV. In my opinion, it’s on the heavier side for the style, carrying a thick body. Cloves, spices, straw and a malty grain flavor are all up in this one. The beer is just OK for me, but I’m far, far from a saison connoisseur.


Author: Joshua Dion

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