Riverwalk IPA

Riverwalk IPA

Hey all. Today I became determined to get a beer review banged out for you. I have far too much delicious beer in the fridge, just waiting to be talked about.

tonight I cracked a bottle of Riverwalk IPA. Riverwalk is out of Newburyport, MA and I actually cover them for Yankee Brew News. A couple of summers ago I visited them…great people, solid operation. The beer has just recently become available in my area, in these 500ml bottles. As a result, during my last trip to Julio’s I picked up 4-5 different bottles of Riverwalk beer.

The IPA is a 7.2% ABV beast of a brew. The hop profile is complex, with all kinds of swirling hoppy flavors: citrus, pine and a bit of floral all mixed together. It has some good balance, although strongly teeters to the hoppy side. Great head on the beer, and it sports a bursting aroma too. Finding it hard to find much wrong with this one. If anything, all I can say is that this is not an “amateur’s beer”. That is, if you’re not into hoppy beer, or just starting to experiment with craft beer, this one might assault your palette.


Author: Joshua Dion

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