Riverwalk Winter Porter

Riverwalk Winter Porter

Merry Christmas, ya’ll. I’m just getting back home after a long day of holiday festivities. This morning I started cooking early, making shepherd’s pie. We then shot off to spend the afternoon with my wife’s extended family. We made out good in the yankee swap, bringing home a box of Triscuits, a grocery store gift card, and a couple bottles of wine. Now that I’m home, I’m enjoying this bottle of Riverwalk Winter Porter and giving my wife a Christmas gift: watching Magic Mike 2 with her.

Riverwalk Winter Porter is a delicious treat. For a porter, it’s on the heavier side. It’s smooth, and true to what the label says, nice and “velvety” on the tongue. It’s a dessert kind of beer – sweet and chocolatey with obvious vanilla notes. I’m surprised that it’s only 6.3% ABV. A very good beer, but not one I’d have casually given how rich it is.


Author: Joshua Dion

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