Brewmaster Jack Total Eclipse

Brewmaster Jack Total Eclipse

Tonight we’re off to play trivia. When Melissa was working her last job, the retail hours killed our ability to make trivia. Now that she’s done work, we’re back to a weekly cadence. Tonight will be extra fun, as my little brother Nick and his girlfriend will be joining us. This weekend Nick is house sitting for us, as we are going to Vermont to celebrate a late Christmas with my family.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m super stoked about the above photo…one of my better faces.

Before we shoot off to trivia, I’m banging out a quick review of Brewmaster Jack Total Eclipse. The beer, an American Porter, is light and super smooth. It’s brewed with rye, which I only pick up minor notes of. More prevalent is a smokey character, which caught me by surprise, but I like. It’s more of a cigar smoke than a campfire smoke…perhaps ever-so-slightly similar to a smokey scotch. An interesting brew if nothing else.


Author: Joshua Dion

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