Hidden Cove Castoff

Hidden Cove Castoff

It’s been an absurdly busy week so far. Every night we’ve had plans, including tonight, as we are about to head out the door to go to Melissa’s work going away party. The plans don’t stop either. Tomorrow night we’re babysitting our 7 month old niece. Then we have a belated Christmas party on Saturday. On top of all of that, I’m up against my deadline for my column submission for Yankee Brew News AND it’s been crazy at work.

Before we shoot off to the party tonight, I’m gobbling some dinner and giving this new session IPA, Hidden Cove Castoff. Hidden Cove Brewery is out of Wells Maine, and this is the first time I’ve had anything from them. The Castoff is surprisingly earthy and floral in flavor, with the combination coming off as unique. In other words, this doesn’t taste like every other American IPA out there. It’s 4.5% ABV and super light body makes it very crushable. I’m not a huge fan of earthy hops, but it seems to be working in this particular beer. I probably won’t run out and buy a 6-pack, but I might get it on draft, if I ever was presented with the option.


Author: Joshua Dion

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