Relic Huntress

Relic Huntress

My poor pup Brady isn’t doing so well the last couple of days. He appears to have done something to really aggravate the arthritis in his hips. He’s hobbling around the house and can barely get up and down the stairs. I feel really bad for the guy, as I can tell he’s in a ton of pain. Which, is CRAZY given the amount of pain meds he is on. Whatever is going on with the hips must be terrible pain, given how jacked up on pain pills he already is. I’m hoping it’s some kind of acute flare-up that will subside. We’ve been treating the arthritis for months and had been feeling that it was well under control.

Tonight we’re ducking out to some trivia. This is not any ordinary Wednesday night trivia though! Tonight we’re off to Worcester to play trivia with the normal crew PLUS, Cynthia, our waitress at our usual trivia spot. She’s been our waitress almost every Wednesday for close to two years, so we’re all excited to have her play with us.

Before I zip out the door, I’m going a quick review of Relic Huntress, an Imperial IPA from the Connecticut-based brewery. The beer, for me, is mediocre for the style. The main flavor is pine, which ends up being a bit astringent. There is some malt backbone, but not quite enough to balance it out. However, if you’re a serious hop head, and love those piney hops, the Relic should be up your alley.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.