Sea Cider Rum Runner

Sea Cider Rum Runner

Today’s a big day for Patriot’s fans. The team goes up against the Denver Broncos for the AFC championship. I’m very excited for the game, but also very nervous. The weekend has been great so far, and I’m hoping for an awesome finish. Friday night the wife had girls-night at the house while I hung out with a couple of buddies playing board games. Saturday was a lazy day involving catching up on my Elder Scrolls Online. This morning we went to church, hit the gym and just finished having a fantastic “meatball” sub for lunch. With a full belly, it’s almost game time.

The wife popped open this bottle of Sea Cider Rum Runner for pre-game. The stuff caught us by surprise with a potent 12.5% ABV. To me, the cider tastes more like ice wine than a traditional cider. However, I’m not the cider expert in the house. Here’s what the the wife had to say:

  • “Super unique. The most unique cider I’ve ever had”
  • “Not as sweet as ice cider/wine”
  • “Best to share with friends”
  • “Can’t decide what I think about it.”

So, she’s on the fence. I think it’s plenty tasty, but should be served as with dessert. Perhaps not the best tailgating drink. Good thing we’re in our livingroom, not the parking lot!


Author: Joshua Dion

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