Stoneface Blip

Stoneface Blip

Tonight I’m posting a brief 2015 year in review. In years past, I’ve summarized my beer reviews for the year, however this year I’m taking a different approach…

We ran our first half marathon in May. I then started having severe back issues (again). I had to convince my doctors to MRI me, revealing a herniated disc. Physical therapy and more pain kept me out of running all summer. After I healed, I got lazy and have not run. A New Years resolution is to start running 2-3 times a week again.

Our dog Brady was diagnosed with moderate to severe arthritis. He has been on big-time drugs for a handful of months now. We seem to have it under control. Well, except for the part where he got into one of the drugs while we were away, massively overdosed and spent 3 days in the doggy-hospital. Amazingly, he pulled through without any lingering issues from the OD. He’s a bigger dog and he’s 11 years old. I’m at the stage where I’m thankful for everyday he’s with us.

Work has been a bit of a blur. The organization I manage and my responsibilities continue to expand. I’ve been spearheading an agile transformation for over a year now. The pace continues to be extreme. Tons of learning opportunities.

The blog
The beer blog has suffered from laziness. I went from posting 4-5 times a week, to posting 1-2 times a month. My other New Years resolution is to get back to posting weekly.

We bought a home in June, still very close to my work. It’s a condo in a converted Catholic church. It’s uniqueness pulled us in. We still have the townhouse in NH, but don’t worry about it much, as it is professionally managed.

Last January we went to Cancun for our [seemingly annual] all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. We traveled to the Azores in June for a destination wedding for a friend. Amazing experience. HIGHLY recommended. Inexpensive and a super-quick 4 hour direct flight from Boston. In September we went to Vegas for a long weekend with friends. We stayed in “Old Vegas” for the first time and it was FANTASTIC. I will never stay on the main strip again. For a fraction of the cost, Old Vegas provides as much entertainment at a much less expensive price tag. Oh, and Vegas has exploded with Vegan food options. We ate like kings.

And that was 2015 in a nutshell. Tonight I’m on the hook to teach our weekly Tuesday night church class. The topic is “The Sacraments”. Before I shoot out the door in an hour, I wanted to sneak in a review of Stoneface Blip. To my knowledge, this is the first time I’m having a beer from the Newington, NH based brewery. Sadly, the first impression is: Meh! It’s classified as an American IPA, but flavor is seriously lacking. I’m highly confused by the angle this one is taking. The beer has a 5.8% ABV, and a light body. It comes across as watery and missing needed hop character. I honestly wouldn’t even classify it as a pale’s that mild. The flavors are so muted, I can’t even make them out enough to describe.

File under: “Yikes, try again!”


Author: Joshua Dion

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