Stoneface Hopulization

Stoneface Hopulization

What a long week. I’m completely spent. Work was kinda nuts, and we had plans almost every night this week. Tonight I’m trying to relax, but need to pack for our trip to Vermont tomorrow, as well as make sure everything is squared away for our house sitter. Stress has been the name of the game today. Starting with difficult discussions at work, followed by a mad-dash to do a handful of errands after work, only highlighted by the absolute zoo that the CVS pharmacy was. Holy people-watching, Batman. Then I found out that the overseas crafter that I bought my mother’s Christmas gift from completely screwed up and I won’t have her gift this weekend. Last night I lost my favorite hat. And for icing on the cake, I’m dealing with a shit-box printer that must have a death wish, given how much trouble it’s giving me tonight. /rant off

Now that I have that off my chest, it’s time to put some beer in my belly. Stoneface Hopulization is tentatively going in my glass. Tentatively, because a recent experience with Stoneface wasn’t so hot. My first sip resulted in an audible “what the fuck was that?” Fear not, the guttural reaction was due to the deliciously unique flavor. The beer is an imperial IPA with a whopping 8.9% ABV. Flavors are super fruity, but not the usual suspects (e.g. grapefruit). Rather, I’m getting a sweet fruitiness, which I can’t quite place. It might be apricot or sweet tangerine. Although it finishes with a slight hop bitterness, it’s predominantly malty. I’m enjoying it!

It you like your imperial IPAs on the sweeter side, this bad-Larry should be on your shopping list.


Author: Joshua Dion

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