Tilted Shed January Barbecue

Tilted Shed January Barbecue

Tonight I went running for the first time in a VERY long time. I believe the last time was last spring, right around the time of our half-marathon. Tonight’s run felt GREAT. I banged out 3 miles in just under 23 minutes, a very good pace for being away from running so long. Since it’s cold as all get-out, we got a gym membership at Planet Fitness. So far the place seems OK…inexpensive, good machines, no muscle-heads. Critics of the place say that they aren’t interested in real fitness: free candy at check-in, Tuesday pizza night, Thursday bagel morning, etc. Whatevs, I’m there to use the treadmill, and the machine I used tonight I liked. It gets the job done without breaking the bank.

While I’m sure I’ll be hurting tomorrow, tonight I feel great, so I’m celebrating by having a beer and helping Melissa review this bottle of Tilted Shed January Barbecue. The cider was a gift from friends Greg and Heather. They picked it up on a recent trip to California.

January Barbecue is a smoked cider. A.K.A. Not my bag, baby. It tastes like you’re licking a farm…every inch of a farm. There’s a smokey character in there, so perhaps it’s like licking a burning farm.

Melissa says “it’s super smokey and farmmy”, “not bad” and “I like it, but I can’t see drinking more than one; it’s too strong flavored”.

She is definitely more into “farmy” ciders, although she wasn’t always. It’s definitely a flavor that grows on you. So, whether you’re a farmy cider fan, or trying them for the first time, this cider would be a good choice.


Author: Joshua Dion

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