Otter Creek Couch Surfer

Otter Creek Couch Surfer

Howdy folks. Tonight I’m headed off to take the wife to one of her friend’s 21st birthday party. It’s been awhile since I attended anyone’s 21st, so it should be interesting. I don’t expect much of a shit-show; the birthday girl is, to my understanding, not a big drinker and probably a lightweight. Then again, if she is a lightweight, perhaps it will be a shit show. We’ll see. The party is taking place at a cool whiskey bar that I’ve only been to once before, so I’m looking forward to going again.

The beer in my glass prior to headed out is Otter Creek Couch Surfer, a 5.4% ABV oatmeal stout. I was shocked to find out that I haven’t reviewed an oatmeal stout in over two years! This particular brew is a bit too bitter for me. It has a strong roasted malt flavor that isn’t evened out with enough sweetness for me. I often find oatmeal stouts come across this way, so perhaps the style just isn’t for me…


Author: Joshua Dion

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