Queen City Barge Canal

Queen City Barge Canal

This past weekend was video-game catch-up time for me. The wife spent much of away, babysitting our niece and nephews. That left me alone to my devices…or should I say device (XBox). 9 hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday. Yeah, that’s 16 hours of gaming…and it felt amazing. Just don’t ask me what how little I achieved in-game – the answer is embarrassing.

Tonight, following a workout and dinner, I’m hanging out with the wife, watching TV and drinking this bomber of Queen City Barge Canal. The beer, an oatmeal stout, is a Christmas gift from my moms, one of the few remaining in my stash. This is the second beer I’ve reviewed from the Burlington, VT brewery, with the first being their Hefeweizen last summer.

The Barge Canal is a mellow, easy drinking stout. I tend to find oatmeal stouts a bit on the harsh/bitter side. This beer is not that at all. There is just enough roasted malt bitterness, balanced with sweet maltiness. I’m struggling describing the flavor profile, probably because flavors are subtle, but also complex. If I was forced to describe it, I’d say it tastes like a mix of coffee, vanilla and melted sugar. Enjoyable.


Author: Joshua Dion

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