Small Town Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale and Root Beer


We are now back from our big trip to Taiwan and Okinawa. In the coming days I’ll share photos with you, as well as a nice review of all the beer I tried while I was there. Tonight I’m headed off to trivia, hoping I stay awake (still suffering from jet lag).


Before I go, I wanted to post this review of both Small Town Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale and Root Beer. The kind folks at Small Town Brewery sent us a sample of each just before we left on vacation. I had my wife review each of them; her thoughts are below.

First off is the 5.9% ABV Ginger Ale, which is the newer offering of the two from the Illinois brewery. Melissa had recently tried another brand of hard ginger ale, made by Henry’s Hard Soda (Miller Coors). The Small Town version was much better. She found it flavorful, noting that it gives you more than you’d expect from ginger ale, saying it tasted more like a ginger beer. She would definitely drink it again.


As for the Small Town Root Beer, Melissa has been drinking this stuff for many months since it was released. It’s one of her go-to drinks. It’s smooth and sweet, and tastes just like root beer!

Both are highly recommended.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.