California Cider Space

California Cider Space

Tonight we’re headed to one of our last Tuesday nights of church-related activity. The classes we teach will spin up again this coming fall. And while we’ll definitely miss spending time with our church friends, it’s always nice to get a few months off. And as we train for our upcoming half marathon, having another night during the week when we can train will be a huge advantage.

Tonight I’m posting a review of California Cider Space, courtesy of Melissa. The cider comes in a 22-ounce bottle and has a 6.9% ABV.

“I usually don’t like Ace cider, but didn’t realize this was made by them when I bought it. Honestly, I’ve never had a drinkable cider from Ace. It wasn’t bad, because it tastes like pure blood orange juice.”

I gave this one a couple of sips and concur with her – it tasted like juice, not cider.


California Cider Space

Author: Joshua Dion

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