Maine Beer III

Maine Beer III

Tonight I’m downloading the newest content for my video game of choice, Elder Scrolls Online. This new content could change the entire gameplan experience, and I’m expecting it to bring a lot of players back to the game. I know I’ll be playing a lot more now that the new content is available. There are endless changes that the new content packs in, although I’m quite excited that they are releasing a new animal you can ride around in the game – a camel. Yes, I’m excited to ride a camel…in a video game.

Tonight I’m drinking a bottle of Maine Beer III. This beer, like most other Maine Beer Company brews, is stupid good. Seriously…like, take-your-pants-off-delicious. I am genuinely heartbroken that I don’t have another bottle of it to drink this evening. It’s an American black ale style brew, which is one of my favorite styles on the planet. I like my black ales nice and balanced, with equal parts roasted malt and hops. This one teeters over to the hoppy side (citrus notes), but the balance is still there. Masterfully brewed. A must try. File under: #beerboners.


Author: Joshua Dion

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