Mystic Three Cranes

Mystic Three Cranes

This weekend has been gorgeous here in New England. We just returned from a long walk in the woods with our boy Brady. He had a fantastic time sniffing basically everything he came across. He’s completely passed out on the floor right now. I’ll be surprised if he even wakes up for his dinner time. On the drive home from the hike, I was trying to decide what to do with the rest of my afternoon. It didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that a beautiful day should be wrapped up with some beer reviewing!

On my last trip to Julio’s, I spoiled myself and picked up a bottle of Mystic Three Cranes (~$15 for a 750ml bottle). The beer is a 6.5% ABV cranberry saison.

Things starts with a great pour and ample fluffy head. Things get better and the Three Cranes smells terrific with a bready, yeasty aroma. And then…I’m horrible disappointed with the flavor. The cranberry gives it an awkward dry bitterness that doesn’t jive with the saison backbone. I literally can’t keep drinking it. Life’s too short to drink something you don’t like! #drainbeer


Author: Joshua Dion

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