Peak Organic Super Fresh

Peak Organic Super Fresh

SUPER productive morning today. Got up early and finished my Yankee Brew News column. #Boom. Took another two hours aside to get my taxes done, start to finish. #Boom. Had to contact the bank to fix a bunch of shit, DONE. Paid vehicle excise tax. Cleaned the house, took out the trash and recycling, went to the dump, picked up the dog’s prescription, went to the post office. #Boom #Boom #Boom #Boom #Boom #Boom #Boom

I’m spending the afternoon with my little brother Nick and his girlfriend, and then we’re going to our annual pajama party at friends Greg & Heather’s place. Now that my cold is passing I’m down for more beer reviews, so prior to heading out to lunch I’m reviewing this tall boy of Peak Organic Super Fresh.

The beer is an imperial pilsner with 7.6% ABV. It’s described as a “wicked dry hopped pilsner”, and I would definitely concur with it. It’s a grassy hops and the beer strongly reminds me of the brewery’s Fresh Cut beer, except that this beer clearly tastes like a pils. But hey, I love Fresh Cut, and if they used the same hop profile to make a similar, but different delicious beer, I’m A-OK with that!


Author: Joshua Dion

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