Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout

Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout

Following Sunday afternoon’s debacle of a beer, I decided to treat myself to something guaranteed to wow: Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout. Spencer Trappist is the only Trappist brewery outside or Europe, and I’m lucky enough to live less than an hour away from it. And despite the fact that I’ve been blessed enough to visit the brewery, which is closed to the public, I somehow have never reviewed their flagship Spencer Trappist Ale! I’ve had it a number of times, but somehow never reviewed it.

Just recently, the brewery decided to brew another style of beer. Frankly, I was beyond surprised to hear that the new style would be an imperial stout. Trappist brewery + stout?!? The beer is 8.7% ABV and comes in a 750ml bottle. Before popping the cork, I preemptively apologized to the wife for the buzz I was about to get, and for almost certainly passing out at some point.

The aroma is amazing, with strong vanilla notes. Head and head retention kick ass. Body is damn thick. In the flavor department, the beer is close to a home run, but comes up just a little short. It starts off with sweet vanilla and chocolate, but the finish is just slightly too harsh (super roasted flavors). It’s still a very good beer. I just wish it had a touch more of balance.


Author: Joshua Dion

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