SoMe Whoopie Pie Stout

SoMe Whoopie Pie Stout

Tonight Melissa is headed to her first evening of crossfit. Greg & Heather invited her to come and I was surprised when she agreed to. She was clearly nervous headed out the door, but I know she’s going to do great.

In my glass while she is out is SoMe Whoopie Pie Stout. SoMe Brewing is out of York, Maine and this is the first beer I’ve tried from them. Despite the beer sounding gimmicky, I went for it anyway, figuring it might provide an interesting twist.

The beer is a milk stout style ale with a 6.0% ABV. Sadly, and not surprisingly, it doesn’t taste much like whoopie pie. It does, however, tastes a lot like other milk stouts. Body is thick and borderline viscous. Head and head retention are lacking. Putting the disappointment of no whoopie pie taste aside, even if I forget the name and measure it against milk stouts, it doesn’t stand out. Average at best.


P.S. I still owe you all a thorough post on our trip overseas. Yesterday I got all the pictures in order, but I didn’t have the energy tonight to bust out a multi-page review. Soon, I promise!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.