Abandoned Building Odin

Abandoned Building Odin

So that cold I mentioned my wife was coming down with? Yeah, it’s strep throat. She woke up this morning in agony, but luckily got in to see the doctor first thing this morning to get diagnosed. She’s on antibiotics now and should only be contagious for the first 24 hours. For me, that just means: don’t catch it between now and bedtime!

On a completely unrelated note, the above picture is of George, a slightly psychotic cat that makes our home his own. My face is expressing a bit of terror, as he’s know to bite and scratch.

I’m building up my immunity with a bottle of Abandoned Building Odin. The beer is a 9.4% ABV belgian quadruple. The first thing that strikes me odd about this one is the color – a dark caramel, with more transparency than I expect from a quad. That is, it’s not uber dark and opaque. Flavor wise, it comes across as thinner than other quads I’ve recently had. However, I’m not considering that a bad thing; all too often quads are way to big and complex. This Abandoned Building Odin has a deep malty character. It’s dessert like, with caramel and brown sugar flavors. Some of the online reviews I read for this beer identified dark fruit flavors such as cherry. I don’t pick much of that up, except perhaps a hint on the finish.

One thing is for sure: if you’re looking for hops, this is not a beer (or style) for you. But, if you’re interested in big malty flavors, then check this one out.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.