Lord Hobo Consolation Prize

Lord Hobo Consolation Prize
I’ve now been sick for nearly a week. Typical spring time cold – sore throat, runny/stuff nose and nasty chest congestion. Be thankful I’m not sharing photos of what I’m coughing up. The illness has been why I have steered clear of reviewing beer. Although I’m not 100%, my sinuses are clear, so I’m down to get back to reviews.

Although I was sick, this past weekend was quite busy. Saturday we attended a memorial service for a family member and Sunday we baby-sat for our 1 year old niece and 2 year old nephew. Luckily, my mother-in-law came to help. When she left, and it was just the wife and me, it was wore on us. I don’t know how you breeders do it.

Saturday night we went to Providence with our old friends Sean and Kerry. We first went to Julian’s, an amazing restaurant with great food and better beer. We then shot over and spent the rest of the evening at Point Street Dueling Piano Bar. I cannot overstate how much fun this place was. Great music and great humor. HIGHLY recommended.

Tonight’s beer of choice is Lord Hobo Consolation Prize, a 9.5% ABV imperial IPA. As far as imperial IPAs go, it’s pretty good. Quite hoppy, but well balanced with a nice malty backbone to even things out. The body is a bit heavy, and it comes across as a sipper beer that belongs in a 10-ounce glass, not a tall boy can! Plowing down a couple of these bad-Larrys in quick order could land you in a place you weren’t intending! Regardless, a very solid beer from the Woburn, MA based brewery.


Author: Joshua Dion

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