Queen City Yorkshire Porter

Queen City Yorkshire Porter

Last night I got out for another training run. Once again, it went kinda lousy. After about 4 miles, I simply got bored. Not tired. Not sore. Bored. Long distance running can get that way. Sometimes it’s because the music on the cell phone isn’t inspiring. Sometimes it’s because the weather stinks, or the scenery along the run is drab. And sometimes, like last night, you’re just not feeling it. It’s also easy to get inside your own head when training isn’t going as planned. This time last year I was easily banging out 8 and 10 mile runs. This year, I can barely push 5. And while I’m fairly sure I have the endurance to go drop a longer run, I don’t have the will power to make it happen. I’m hoping to get out again tomorrow evening, hopefully with more enthusiasm.

Keeping in theme with Vermont beers, tonight I’m reviewing Queen City Yorkshire Porter. This was a birthday gift from my mom. Thanks Mom! The beer is a 5.0% ABV English porter. Like last night’s beer from Queen City, this porter is quick drinking and light bodied. I tend to be a sucker for porters like this – malty, but not over sweet, roasty, but not over bitter. Also like last night’s brew, there’s no hint of hoppiness or bitterness. Some may say it’s a boring beer, due to lack of complexity. I think it’s the lack of complexity that makes it simply delicious. And, if I recall correctly, my buddy Greg tried this at the brewery and also enjoyed it.


Author: Joshua Dion

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