Shmaltz Vulcan Ale

Shmaltz Vulcan Ale

I’m finally over with this cold, I think. I slept through the night last evening and I didn’t wake up coughing up yellow chunks! On the downside, Melissa has finally caught this blasted virus and she’s feeling awful.

Tonight I’m drinking a bottle of Shmaltz Vulcan Ale, a gift from my friend Josh. He’s not a drinker, but he knows I am, and he gets me beer every once in a while. Like me, he’s a big geek, so he loved the fact that Shmaltz is doing a series of Star Trek related beers.

The Vulcan Ale is marketed as a red session ale, but according to Beer Advocate, it’s an American IPA. As far as IPAs, go, it’s uber mild, tasting more like an amber/red ale. Josh gave me a four-pack of the stuff and it took no time to polish it off. The stuff goes down quickly. It’s malty up front, followed by some citrus hops.

Live long and prosper (with beer).


Author: Joshua Dion

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