Citizen Cider Plum Intended

Citizen Cider Plum Intended

Melissa and I are planning our next mini-vacation. For our 13th wedding anniversary we’ll be heading to Montreal for a long weekend. The last time we went was roughly 1999, only a year after we had started dating. I’m sure the city has changed quite a bit since then, as have our interests. Back then, I recall hitting some bars and enjoying the fine fare at Planet Hollywood. This time around, I’m guessing we’ll visit museums and enjoy some slightly more upscale dining. I also distinctly remember the exchange rate back then, two Canadian dollars for every one American dollar. We were RICH! The rate is more like 1.25 : 1.00 now.

Melissa is reviewing a cider that she picked up in Vermont during our trip. Citizen Cider Plum Intended is part of the Citizen Cellar series, typically only available at their taproom. The cider is made using plums grown in Vermont and also leverages yeast typically used for making sake. The result is a drink that comes across with wine-like qualities. Dry and light, it pairs perfectly with dinner. “One if my favorite ciders from one of my favorite cideries” according to Melissa.


Author: Joshua Dion

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