Jack’s Abby Excess IPL

Jack's Abby Excess IPL

Recently I started blogging at work. It came about because I wanted to communicate some things to our whole organization, which is now over 200 people strong, across multiple time zones. At first, I figured it would be a few posts and then I would be done. However, as more and more topics come to mind, I find myself publishing on a daily basis. I never thought my blogging skills would ever play out at work, but I’m kind of having fun…

Tonight Melissa and I are watching The 5th Wave, a movie that looked bad ass in trailers, but somehow made it to Netflix in a matter of weeks of being launched in theaters. Without Googling to check, my assumption is that it flopped.

I’m also drinking a tall boy can of Jack’s Abby Excess IPL. You know how I love my tall boys, and you must know how I love my Jack’s Abby. The Excess is another fantastic beer, which comes as no surprise. I’m fairly sure the brothers down at the Abby sold their soul to the devil or something, there is no other explanation to how a brewery could keep cranking out amaze-balls brews. And here’s the crazy thing, this Excess IPA was canned two months ago. I’m thinking it would have been far tastier, had I tried it fresh. Regardless, it’s great. Nice and hoppy, with a super solid malt backbone to even it out. File under: stupid good.


Author: Joshua Dion

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