Stone Crime

Stone Crime

A few weeks back some guys who work for me bought me a basket of beer. The move came after I argued with them over something, and after they thought about it on a larger scale, realized this was a small issue and that they really enjoyed working for me. That, or it was all a ruse and they were sucking up…and it worked.

Now, it could have also been a horrible prank, as they got me a handful of Stone’s series of chili-pepper infused beers. They said they didn’t know what they were exactly buying. Again…either a mistake from a couple of non-craft beer drinkers…or perhaps an evil plot to ruin my stomach.

I’m opening a bottle from that batch, Stone Crime. The beer is brewed with chili peppers and then aged in bourbon barrels. And do you know what? It tastes JUST like you would imagine. Up front, there’s a bunch of bourbon goodness – malty with oak and vanilla notes. And for half a second, you think, “hey, it’s not that spicy!” And then it gets spicy. And it stays spicy, for a loooooonnng after taste. I’m completely torn because the beer starts to yummy, but finishes so painfully!

Now I don’t do spice very well; the same sensitivity that helps me pick out flavors in beer, also makes my tongue super-sensitive to spice. My wife is on the other end of the spectrum and she couldn’t taste any chili in this beer, so I suppose what you taste will depend on your level of tolerance.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.