Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Tea Ale

Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Tea Ale

Today has been a gloriously lazy day. I played Elder Scrolls for 5 hours, watched some movies, and lounged about. I did clear house for about 45 minutes, so I’m not a complete bum. After dinner, I’m planning more of the same – movies + couch. These kinds of days are REALLY nice for me, as the rest of the week is usually insanely busy.

Before buying any more beer, I’m working on clearing out my fridge. There have been a number of brews that have sat there far too long. This bottle of Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Tea Ale came back with me from our trip to the far east this past February. Which reminds me, I’m not sure I ever posted pictures from my trip! I also have some beer notes I should write up. One of these days…

Despite the name, the Taiwan Tea Ale is actually a dubbel style beer. The back of the label is in Taiwanese, so it’s hard to tell if they claim that it’s brewed using tea. I don’t pick up noticeable tea flavors. it’s not a bad dubbel though – a little bready, good balance of Belgian spices, and not too sweet either. Not what I expected from a name like “Tea Ale”, but it’s delicious.


Author: Joshua Dion

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