Moat Mountain Bone Shaker and Nightshift Furth


On Tuesday I spent over four hours “under the needle” starting my next tattoo. The piece, which features shisa dogs, represents our trip to Okinawa. Shisa dog statues sit outside of many Okinawan homes. The dog on the left always has its mouth closed, symbolizing keeping good spirits in. The dog on the right always has its mouth open, symbolizing keeping bad spirits out. In two weeks I go back to get it shaded, which should finish the piece off.

Tonight I’m doing a double review of Moat Mountain Bone Shaker and Nightshift Furth.

Nightshift Furth

The Furth is a hefeweizen with HUGE bready notes mixed with lemon and citrus flavors. It gives up absolutely no ground in flavor, smacking you in the face and leaving no doubt that this is a hefe. If you like wheat beers, you very well may like Furth.

Moat Mountain Bone Shaker

Next up, Moat Mountain Bone Shaker, is a 5.4% ABV brown ale. Brown ales are beginning to grow on me, but are far from my favorite style. The beer, like the Furth, comes in a 16-ounce tall boy can. MAN, do I love my tall boys! The can has some funny sayings on it like:

  • Have you ridden a boneshaker?
  • Bone Appetit
  • Because sometimes a nice can is better than big jugs.
  • Beauty is in the hands of the beer holder

Flavor wise, you’re dealing with a standard brown. Mostly malty, with perhaps a touch of hops bittering. Smooth and easy to drink. Quite good.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.