Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout

Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout

This has been a busy weekend for me. On Saturday I spent the day golfing with my buddy Sean. The weather was absolutely gorgeous…basically perfect. Saturday night, we spent hours hanging out with friends Greg and Heather, in their backyard, next to a blazing fire pit. Even the nighttime hours were warm and summery. I love this time of year. Today has been more productive, as we cleaned house a bit, went to the laundromat to clean our comforter, got Melissa’s phone screen fixed, and got her car fixed (flat tire). The phone broke earlier today when she dropped it on the pavement. We were dreading going to the apple store, waiting forever to talk to one of the “geniuses” or whatever they are called, and then having to wait 24-48 hours to get it fixed. Instead, we walked down to the corner, where our neighbor had recently opened up a modest phone repair shop. For $70 he had the thing in like-new condition in about 45 minutes!!

Right now I’m finally sitting down to relax the rest of my weekend away, drinking a bottle of Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout, and watching one of my favorite movies, Step Brothers. The beer, an American stout is my last bottle of birthday beer that my mom gave me back in April. Compared to yesterday’s weather, today is a much better day for a stout – drizzly and cool.

Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout is brewed with pumpkin and spruce tips, but honestly, I can’t tell from the flavor profile. To me, it comes across as a tasty, very malty, stout. If I search hard, I suppose I can pick out some slight pumpkin spice like flavor. The 8.0% ABV is hidden well in all that malty goodness. A yummy brew.


Author: Joshua Dion

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