Stony Creek Little Cranky

Stony Creek Little Cranky

Yesterday after our run I spent many hours sitting outside in the shade, enjoying the gorgeous weather. I’m really eating up this summer weather we’re having in New England. More and more, I’m sure I need to move somewhere temperate. People say “you’ll miss the seasons.” I say, good riddance! But I digress. I’ve been taking Brady outside with me more often, giving him a chance to sit in the grass. Besides eating and sleeping, laying in the grass is one of his favorite things in the world to do. Just look at the photos below!

While sitting out with the dog, I enjoyed a can of Stony Creek Little Cranky. Stony Creek, a Connecticut brewery, has recently become prominent in the bars and liquors stores around here. On a recent trip to Julio’s I saw a bunch of beer from them, and decided to pick this one up.

My first impression was surprise at how hoppy the session IPA is. Think: punch you in the mouth levels of hops. Flavor wise, it’s citrus through and through, with orange and lemon notes. After a few sips, I got used to the intensity of the flavor and REALLY started digging this beer. If you like session IPAs, I highly recommend you give this one a go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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