Cambridge Brewing Company Le Saisonniere

Cambridge Brewing Company Le Saisonniere

Tonight I’m going to use the blog similarly to how I often do: to complain. I’ve been sick for a week now, and I’ve had it. I have what feels like a golf ball in my throat, and my nose constantly runs. The throat is the most obnoxious. If I’m sick all weekend again, you can expect a more whiny post by Monday.

Tonight I’m giving this cold the business, in the form of a giant bomber of Cambridge Brewing Company Le Saisonniere. The beer is a saison aged in gin barrels, and given that I’m not a huge saison fan, and basically hate gin, I don’t know what I was thinking. On a side note, I keep expecting one of you to call me out for constantly reviewing saisons, mentioning every time that they aren’t my favorite. Perhaps I’m some kind of closet saison lover.

The Le Saisonniere is nothing like I expected, which is a good thing. At 4.8%, it’s incredibly light and crushable. Killing the bomber will be no problem. It pours with a killer head. It has a light, lemony aroma. And it tastes like a watered down saison (meant in the best possible way). I’m going to enjoy polishing this off.

F U sore throat.


Author: Joshua Dion

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