Mayflower Daily Ration and Castle Island Candlepin

Mayflower Daily Ration and Castle Island Candlepin

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I had a nasty cold, which kept me from reviewing beer. Yeah, I cold in July – WTF is that?!? I didn’t let the cold keep me from my holiday weekend plans though! Friday we hit the casino, where I played craps and video poker until the wee hours of the morning (I broke even). Saturday the cold kicked my ass and I rested up. Sunday and Monday we attended barbecues. And finally, on Tuesday I hit up the tattoo shop for another sitting on my chest piece. Photo is below. One half is done!

Shisha Dog Tattoo

On Monday I was feeling well enough to bring cans of Mayflower Daily Ration and Castle Island Candlepin to a cookout. Both beers are session American IPAs, my current favorite style. And they were quite a bit different. Castle Island Candlepin was the hoppier of the two, starting with a pine flavor and ending with citrus. The Mayflower Daily Ration was more subtlety flavored, with pine and earth notes. Both were good. I liked the citrus punch the Candlepin had, but I liked the uber-drinkabity of the Daily Ration. Both are worth giving a try!


Author: Joshua Dion

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