Boothbay 633 and Jack’s Abby Cranberry Berliner

Jack's Abby Cranberry Berliner

Over the past week I’ve started using an app/website called Duolingo to learn Spanish. Melissa and I have talked about learning Spanish for some time, driven by how often we visit the Caribbean. The app is free and is really working for me. In under a week I’ve gone from only knowing a few words, to knowing dozens. According to the app, I’m 19% fluent, however I don’t know how they calculate it, nor do I really believe the number. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can really pick up before our next trip to Mexico this October. Necesito una cerveza!

The other day I had a chance to try two new beers: Boothbay 633 and Jack’s Abby Cranberry Berliner. The Cranberry Berliner was something I picked up on a recent Julio’s trip. In my opinion, Jack’s Abby makes some of the best beer in all of New England, and they rarely go wrong with a brew. This beer was no exception. It was quite tart at first (think sweet tarts). Quickly the sourness dissipated into more subtle tart finish. Cranberry flavor can be picked up, but for me, it wasn’t super noticeable. Overall, a tasty brew!

Boothbay 633

The Boothbay 633 came from a co-worker, who picked it up on a trip to Maine. The beer, an American pale ale, was good but not great. The flavor profile was earthy and a little piney, which are my least two favorite hop characteristics. That said, I totally finished the 32 ounce “crowler”, so it wasn’t that bad. If you’re into those types of flavors, and you’re in Maine, you’ll probably like this beer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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