Moat Mountain Miss V’s Blueberry and Banded Horn Wicked Bueno

Moat Mountain Miss V's Blueberry

Tonight I’m reviewing two beers: Moat Mountain Miss V’s Blueberry and Banded Horn Wicked Bueno.

The Moat Mountain Miss V’s Blueberry is an amazingly delicious beer, packing a ton of blueberry flavor. I like my blueberry beers sweet, and this one didn’t disappoint. Imagine drinking a blueberry muffin. I could TOTALLY drink this beer with breakfast. If this sounds up your alley, I highly recommend you find this beer. Although it’s brewed all the way up in North Conway, New Hampshire, I was able to find it in central Massachusetts.

Banded Horn Wicked Bueno

The Banded Horn Wicked Bueno is a 4.3% ABV light lager. This is the first beer I’ve had from Banded Horn, a Maine-based brewery. The beer is sessiony, and a good lawn mower beer. It lacks character, but that’s OK. Wicked Bueno would make a good transition beer for anyone used to drinking domestic macros and moving toward craft beer. Also, I would love crushing these on the golf course.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.