Stillwater Nu-tropic

Stillwater Nu-tropic

This week I got out and played basketball with my buddy Dale and his friends again. I don’t recall if I talked about the last time I was out with them, but the short version is: I hurt myself (my back) pretending I was 10 years younger than I am. And then yesterday, two short weeks later, with my back still aching, I went out and played again. Good news: back was golden, and actually felt light years BETTER after playing. Bad news: One of the guys accidentally knee-ed me so damn hard that I can barely walk today. I almost went to urgent care today to see if it was more than a bad muscle bruise. Tomorrow I’ll have to go if it hasn’t improved.

In the meantime, I’m trying out some beer from my recent Julio’s beer run, starting with Stillwater Nu-tropic.

The beer is 6% ABV American IPA brewed with mango and passion fruit. These fruit-infused IPAs seem to be all the rage right now. I picked this one up, because I’m a sucker for passion fruit. And the beer doesn’t disappoint! I don’t know about mango, but I get a ton of passion fruit flavors. In the mix are some bitter, fruity hops. Furthermore, the beer drinks more like a 4% session, and is quite crush-able. Highly recommended summer brew, for those who like tropic fruit infused beer!


Stillwater Nu-tropic

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