Trillium Pocket Pigeon and Mikkeller Running Club

Trillium Pocket Pigeon

Things have been busy in the LIBA household. Last night we had trivia. Monday night Melissa went to plant night with friends. Going back even further, this past weekend was Melissa’s birthday. We got new cell phones. We’re still keeping up with our Spanish lessons. And I have a lot of bitching to do about maintenance work I’m having to do on our rental property in New Hampshire, but I’ll save that for another night.

Trillium Pocket Pigeon

Tonight I’m catching up on reviewing beers that friends Greg and Heather hooked me up with on Saturday night: Trillium Pocket Pigeon and Mikkeller Running Club. I started with the Mikkeller Running Club, a German pilsener. The beer is distinctly European, and had a slight skunkiness to it. It was definitely in the category of beers that you normally find in green bottles. I’m not usually down with skunk, but this was pretty subtle. Given that the beer was light also, it went down quick.

Next was the Trillium Pocket Pigeon, which was a complete 180 in terms of beer styles. The Pocket Pigeon is an American pale ale with a SUPER juicy profile. Trillium is known for juicy, hoppy beer, and this fits their M.O. perfectly. Killer good. Great malt balance. A must try.


Author: Joshua Dion

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