Evil Twin No Hero

Evil Twin No Hero

This past weekend was uneventful for me, as I mostly sat on my ass. Next weekend is another story, as we’ll be going to my brother’s wedding. And then next week, we’re off to Mexico for 6 days of amazingness! I can’t wait. Today I filled out the pre-registration form for the resort. It gave us four different pillow types to choose from, asked us what we wanted in the mini-fridge, what aroma spray we wanted in the room, and a variety of other preferences. I can’t wait to turn off my phone and laptop, and spend my days on the beach, paloma in hand.

Fall started yesterday and the weather took no time to remind us. When I walked the dog this morning, it was 40 degrees out. YIKES! Although I hate the cold weather, I suppose I can make the most of it by drinking dark beer.

Evil Twin No Hero, an oatmeal stout, is the choice of the evening. It’s a good beer for the style, featuring lots of roasted malts. It’s balanced well with caramel sweetness, so if you’re looking for that intense dark-roast coffee profile, look elsewhere. I prefer my stouts well balanced, so I’m a fan. Goes down quickly for a stout too.


Author: Joshua Dion

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