Night Shift Pfaffenheck

Night Shift Pfaffenheck

Last night I was up far too late playing video games. I’d say “I’m too old for this”, but all the guys I play with are no spring chickens themselves, so I suppose I’m in good company. The game I play is coming out with a massive update next month, which has all of us giddy. When these updates come out, there is a flurry of activity, which is fun for everyone. I’m counting the days until the release of the update! #nerdlife

Tonight we’re off to church, as I’m teaching a class this evening. Before I go, I wanted to nail down a beer review. The rest of the week may be too busy for me to squeeze in another.

Night Shift Pfaffenheck is a German style pilsener with a 5.2% ABV. The beer is a good representation of the style. Lots of grassy notes to start off. It also has a nice hoppy zing, while still keeping the right taste of a pils. Sometimes a pils will finish too astringent for me, but not this one. On the other hand, I’m not wowed by the beer either. Good, but not great.


Author: Joshua Dion

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