Smuttynose Hayseed

Smuttynose Hayseed

Hola amigos! I have returned from Mexico! Our trip was amazing. I don’t have much in the way of photos to share, but I will share what I have soon. We did virtually nothing the 6 days we were there. Beach, pool, drink, eat. Actually, it was more like: eat, beach, drink, drink, drink, beach, eat, drink, beach, nap, drink, eat, drink, sleep (and repeat). As you might imagine, it was awesome. We did spend one afternoon in downtown Playa Del Carmen, drinking at The Tequila Barrel and watching the Patriots game. Shockingly, we were not the only Pats fans there!

Mexico is great for relaxing, but TERRIBLE for beer. I did manage to find a Minerva Pale Ale at the aforementioned Tequila Barrel. I was happy to get back to the states and enjoys some hops again. Tonight I’m in saison-land, with a bottle of Smuttynose Hayseed. This bottle has a best-buy date of 10/18, so I’m getting this done just in time!

The beer is a nice, albeit run of the mill, typical saison. Light and summery. Lemon and citrus notes blend with saison spiciness. These damn saisons seem to be growing on me, the more of them I try. Going to polish off this bottle mighty quick!


Author: Joshua Dion

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