A brief history of Lost in the Beer Aisle…

In college I drank Natural Ice (economics). After college I casually tried a lot of domestic beer. In late 2008 I started trying a lot of new beers – craft beers from all over the globe.

As I tried these beers, I would take a picture of the bottle and post it on Facebook to show my friends. Soon I started accompanying the picture with a blurb of text. In the early days the commentary was limited to something attuned to “tastes like beer”.

The single sentence that accompanied the Facebook pictures quickly turned into two sentences and ultimately two paragraphs. My wife Melissa suggested that should start a blog since I was already doing all the legwork.

I thought it was a great idea, but I was a beer newbie…what did I know about beer? I had started reading beer blogs myself and I felt intimidated; the world of beer was full of fancy lingo and beer “cliques” ran the show.

I created Lost in the Beer Aisle in the Spring of 2009 with two goals:
#1. Create a environment where beer lovers of all levels of experience can feel comfortable.
#2. Enjoy good beer and have fun.

LIBA was born, flying the non-beer-douche flag and touting the motto “Never take beer or life too seriously!”

If you want to learn more about the personal side of LIBA, check out my Better Know a Blogger series of posts.