My visit to Flying Dreams Brewery

Flying Dreams Brewery

This past weekend I made a visit to Flying Dreams Brewery to interview owner/brewer Dave Richardson. I’m doing a cover piece on the brewery for the next edition of Yankee Brew News. Below is a brief recap. Check out the upcoming December Yankee Brew News for my full write-up.

Flying Dreams took over Wormtown’s original location, next to Peppercorns in Worcester. The brewery opened in November of 2015. At that time, Richardson had just come off 10 years of being head brewer at Gardner Ale House. He was ready to make his dream of owning his own brewery a reality.

Dave Richardson, Owner and Head Brewer
Dave Richardson, Owner and Head Brewer

Flying Dreams has a small taproom, and I mean small; there are exactly two chairs to sit in. That said, as I sat there interviewing Dave, I saw many people come in and spend a good amount of time trying flights of samples, despite the lack of seating. You can always pop next door to Peppercorns, where there is ample seating and always three Flying Dreams’ beers on tap.

The brewery has four beers on tap at any time. They don’t offer full pours, but you can buy flights of samples, get growler fills, and buy 22-ounce bottles also.

While I was there I tried a handful of brews:

  • Oktoberfest – Dry, not too sweet. Good representation of the style.
  • Become Double IPA – 10%. Buyer beware, it will knock you on your ass. Super boozy on the nose, but virtually none on the pallet. Very well balanced. A treat.
  • Hop Tart – A very light session American wild ale. Pro: juicy. Con: Too thin of a body for me. Watery.
  • Dreaming of Summer – A light and dry saison. This is the brewery’s flagship, year-round brew. These damn saisons are growing on me. I can’t deny, it’s good.

Definitely worth a visit to Worcester to check them out. Check out the rest of the pictures below.


Southern Tier Salted Caramel

Southern Tier Salted Caramel

It completely slipped my mind to tell you about finishing up my latest tattoo. The piece, a Spanish bull, is in memory of our trip to the Azores. And no, it’s not a fighting bull, as I’m strongly against it. This bull is wild, free and as you’ll note, has not been pierced by swords. As always, it came out super awesome, and I have to shout out to George Motta at Pino Bros Ink. Take a look at the finished piece at the end of this post.

OH, and in related news, George recently re-published his portfolio, featuring yours truly. Photos below.



Tonight I’m reviewing Southern Tier Salted Caramel, an imperial stout. This beer is the epitome of a dessert beer. CRAZY sweet. Also, crazy delicious, assuming you’re into sweet malty dark beer. Although it’s brewed with sea salt, I couldn’t pick up on any salt. I did get a TON of caramel and vanilla notes. The beer immediately reminded me of another amazing dessert beer from the same brewery: Creme Brulee Stout. Now, I haven’t had the Creme Brulee for a while, so I can’t compare them side by side, but it sure brought back some distinct memories, if for only the super sweet character. Highly recommended as a sipping, post-dinner treat.


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