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5 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer at the Ballpark

Fenway Park. Image courtesy
Fenway Park. Image courtesy

Baseball and beer: two of America’s favorite past-times. Each year, millions of Americans head to the ballpark and line up to indulge in cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn and of course, beer! The explosion of the craft beer industry has resulted in far more beverage options at the park than even a few years ago. Today I will give you five good reasons to “go craft” next time you’re at a ball game.

5. It’s worth it
Unless you’re an Angels or Diamondbacks fan (cheap beer, but full of tears), you are probably paying big bucks for your frosty beverage at the ballpark. On the other hand, if you’re unlucky enough to be a Red Sox or Cardinals fan, you probably take out an equity line on your mortgage before heading to the concession stand. Fenway Park boasts the most expensive beer in professional baseball and $7.50 will buy you 12 ounces of your favorite macro-produced yellow-fizzy beverage. For an extra $1.00, you can upgrade to a variety of craft beer options. That’s a 13% increase in price, for a product that’s roughly 1000% better. Spend the extra dollar, folks.

4. Drink Local
In 2013 the Belgian-Brazilian brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev, raked in $43.2 billion in revenue. For comparison, all of the craft breweries in the United Stated, combined, grossed $14.3 billion. Most ballparks fill their craft tap lines with beer from relatively local breweries. By buying craft beer, you’re supporting the local economy and keeping your dollars in the ‘hood. Craft brewers often “pay it forward”, focusing on using local ingredients, which in turn supports local farms. If none of this inspires you, think about it this way: your support means the brewer can afford to make more delicious beer, and you love delicious beer, right? Plus, who would you rather support: Joe beer-brewer that lives down the street, or a multi-national faceless corporation?

3. Three words: Alcohol by Volume
If you’re spending more time in the bathroom line than watching the game, you’re probably having a great time. You’re probably also determined to get hammered. The average domestic macro beer is about 5% alcohol by volume, and if you’re drinking light beer, it’s more like 4%. That amounts to, at a minimum, two to three beers per hour to maintain that buzz. Certain types of craft beer have a higher ABV; ergo, fewer beers to buy, less time in lines, same end result. Oh, and please drink responsibly. Don’t be that screaming, sloppy drunk jack-wagon that everyone in the bleacher section cranes their necks to stare at.

2. You’ll look cool
Look around. Everyone’s cup is full of yellow stuff. Here’s your chance to be trendy and cool. When you sport a craft beer, you’ll get to tell people how fantastic your English bitter or your Belgian triple is. You can dazzle people with tales of how your beer tastes like coriander, spices and banana. Everyone will want to be you. Pro-tip: You’ll be rocking classy beer, but don’t get full of yourself. No one likes a show-off; leave the fancy-pants, cane and top-hat at home.

1. Taste
Even if you enjoy your light beer, I promise you, there is a craft beer out there that you will enjoy much more. For instance, try a kolsch or a wheat beer. Don’t get me wrong, mindlessly crushing domestics has its place and time; I’ll tear through Coors Light on the golf course like it’s going out of style. Savoring a beer on your palette for a moment before it goes down the hatch is a great feeling, especially when combined with the warm sun on your face, the smell of roasted peanuts and the crack of a bat. In short, there is nothing quite like craft beer at the ballpark.

Beer Prices in 2013, courtesy
Beer Prices in 2013, courtesy

Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

Random fact: this is post #1500 on LIBA. I should celebrate with a beer, but unfortunately I’m heavily medicated. Earlier today I finally went to the doctor to see about my back, which has been freaking out for the last two weeks. The prognosis: my back sucks. They gave me muscle relaxers and heavy duty pain meds and sent me on my way. If I’m still in pain in a week, I’m supposed to get an MRI.

Although I’m forbidden from drinking alcohol while jacked-up on these relaxers, I’m pulling out a review I wrote down last week: Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA. I had this brew while our friend and Ecolissa model, Michelle. The beer came from my mom, who picked it up in New Jersey. Note: you can’t find this beer in New England.

I like the uniqueness of the idea behind this beer; I’ve never see a chocolate IPA. I was expecting it to be nothing more than a novelty beer, but I was happily surprised to find that this is not so. Michelle picked up coffee flavors, while I was able to distinctly pick up orange and a hint of dark fruit. Chocolate was muted and only detectable in the aftertaste. Both of us thought it was a decent beer.


Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA