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Shacksbury Classic Cider

Shacksbury Classic Cider

Hello LIBA readers! It’s been a long time since I wrote a cider review. Actually, I take that back. It has been a long time since I published a cider review. I have tried a whole lot different cider, and even took some notes here and there.

Josh and I are currently looking for a new home. This afternoon we visited a gorgeous converted church building. There are lots of pros, but also some downsides to the unit. We’re considering placing an offer. As we think it over, we are very excited and very nervous.

While we think about it, I’m trying this Shacksbury Classic Cider. I just picked up 3-4 different bottles of this brand. The cidery is located in Shoreham, Vermont. This Classic Cider smells farmy, but tastes far less so. Josh tried it and thought it tasted very farmy, so maybe my tastes are changing. I like this cider a lot.


Bantam The American and Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Ciders

Bantam The American

Hi everyone. It’s Melissa. I know it has been a little while since I posted. Josh asked me to catch up on some cider reviews I’ve had stashed away, in order to help keep the blog active during our vacation. I’ve had these reviews of Bantam The American and Newtons Folly Granny Smith Ciders hanging around for some time.

First, Bantam The American. This is a 5.1% ABV cider. It has the aroma of cinnamon, which mixes with sweet apple in the flavor for a nice balance of sweet/spicy. I totally wanted an apple pie after having this cider. Very delicious.

Newton's Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider

Next up, Newton’s Follow Granny Smith is a basic, minimalistic cider. Starts sweet and finishes tart. A very “clean” finish. Not too dry, not too sweet. Average.