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Woodchuck Mint

Woodchuck Mint

Continuing on our weekly theme of cider reviews, tonight I’m recapping a review of Woodchuck Mint.

Woodchuck Mint is that kind of product that you know won’t be very good, but you have to try anyway if only to say you gave it a go. The cider is from Woodchuck’s cellar series, which more generally speaking, I applaud for the creativity that they put into the series.

Melissa, Greg, Heather and I all gave the Mint a go. Summarily, we agreed that although not particularly delicious, it wasn’t as gross as we thought it would be. Flavor analysis included:
* Sour apple with a hint of mint
* Jolly Rancher and mint gum
* Toothpaste and apple juice (with a special note that fruit juice and toothpaste is normally the worst possible combo, but this kind works in the cider)

Would I recommend you buy a bomber of this stuff to drink by yourself? Hell no. Would I recommend you buy the bottle and share with 2-3 friends? Absolutely, assuming you’re in for an adventure.


Citizen Cider Northern Spy and Citizen Cider Wit’s Up

Citizen Cider Wit's Up

A little over a week ago Melissa and I had friends Greg and Heather over to share some of our huge cache of cider. All of the bottles were bombers, so it was unlikely Melissa was going to get through them all by herself. Over the next few days I’ll recap the ciders we tried. First up, are Citizen Cider Northern Spy and Citizen Cider Wit’s Up. These were purchased in Vermont on a recent trip to see my family.

I believe the Wit’s Up is trying to mimic a wheat beer. It pours a yellow-greenish Mountain Dew color. We all thought it was pretty mild. Melissa said “it didn’t add a lot of flavor”, but would go good with a meal for that reason. Heather concurred, saying she could see having it with pasta and red sauce. Greg found it dry. I know very little about cider, but from the few I’ve tried, this one tasted very unique.

In sum: No one loved it, but no one disliked it either.

Citizen Cider Northern Spy

The Northern Spy is made using only one variety of apples and you can guess from the name what kind of apples. Having never tasted a Northern Spy apple, I lacked appreciation for the specific flavor they were going for. However, I really liked the cider and felt like it was one of the only ciders I have ever tried that I thought I could see myself drinking. Heather commented that the cider was different from anything she had tried before, while Greg said “I don’t like it, but I can’t stop drinking it!”

Wit’s Up and Northern Spy are 6.8% and 6.9% respectively.