Stowe Traditional Cider and Pruner’s Pride Cider

Stowe Traditional Cider

Today I finally got my car back from the body shop. $7,000 in repairs later, I’m good to go. Well, except for the $1,200 in non-accident related repairs that they identified. That kind of investment needs to wait a few weeks. In unrelated news, this may be last post for the week. Tomorrow evening I’m headed to Boston to go to the Ice Bar and the weekend is….well, the weekend. I will leave you with a couple more cider reviews, captured from last week’s tasting.

Stowe Traditional Cider, made in Stowe, Vermont, got mixed reviews from the crowd. Heather thought it smelled like salty Play Doe. I found the stuff bland, but I don’t know crap about cider. Melissa thought it was OK and detected a touch of honey flavor. Greg found it slightly sour near the end. A couple of us noted that it was dry.

I captured significantly fewer notes about Pruner’s Pride Cider…perhaps because I was lazy, perhaps because we had already tried a few ciders before this one. What I wrote down is as follows: 6% ABV, Melissa liked it, tasted like carbonated apple juice.


Pruner's Pride Vermont Hard Cider

Woodchuck Mint

Woodchuck Mint

Continuing on our weekly theme of cider reviews, tonight I’m recapping a review of Woodchuck Mint.

Woodchuck Mint is that kind of product that you know won’t be very good, but you have to try anyway if only to say you gave it a go. The cider is from Woodchuck’s cellar series, which more generally speaking, I applaud for the creativity that they put into the series.

Melissa, Greg, Heather and I all gave the Mint a go. Summarily, we agreed that although not particularly delicious, it wasn’t as gross as we thought it would be. Flavor analysis included:
* Sour apple with a hint of mint
* Jolly Rancher and mint gum
* Toothpaste and apple juice (with a special note that fruit juice and toothpaste is normally the worst possible combo, but this kind works in the cider)

Would I recommend you buy a bomber of this stuff to drink by yourself? Hell no. Would I recommend you buy the bottle and share with 2-3 friends? Absolutely, assuming you’re in for an adventure.