Two Roads Road Jam

Two Roads Road Jam

Sup homies? Chilling out on a Monday night here. Not much going on this evening except the carnival that is me attempting to hang a full length mirror. Honestly, me trying to do anything handy around the house is guaranteed to be a show. One time while trying to troubleshoot the toilet I took it apart…the whole Fing thing…into a thousand pieces. Six hours later, I got it back together. The issue? The flange needed to be replaced (a 5 minute job, tops).

Hanging the mirror wasn’t quite that bad, but it did take far more time and result in far more holes in the wall, than it should have ever required.

I’m celebrating my ridiculousness with a bottle of Two Roads Road Jam. Upon pouring the beer, I was startled; the beer is a bright red color. I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised, as the beer is marketed as a raspberry wheat ale. And it tastes as one might expect – light, berry-filled, with a hint of wheatiness. The berry flavor is mild and makes for a refreshing and super-drinkable beer. Although I probably wouldn’t drink a six-pack of the stuff, I can imagine having a couple at a cookout or BBQ. If you’re into light& fruity beers, this one would probably be a home run for you.


Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage

Capital Brewery Dark Voyage

On Wednesday evenings we play trivia at a local pub with some friends. We have gotten fairly good, usually placing in the top three. Last night was not the case; we had probably the worse evening since we started many months ago. I suppose you can’t win them all.

As we come up on the long holiday weekend, I’m really looking forward to it. On Friday, I’ll be working a half day and then heading to Plymouth to visit the folks at Mayflower Brewing Co. After that, I shoot into Boston to attend the Massachusetts Brewer’s Fest. On Saturday, we are getting together with friends Greg and Heather. Sunday is a lazy day, and on Monday we hang out with friends Sean and Kerry.

Tonight I’m watching the last preseason game for the Patriots. I can’t believe it’s almost September and regular season football time. Stupid fall. I’m pairing my seasonal displeasure with two beers from my recent trip to Chicago: Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale and Capital Dark Voyage.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale is absolutely fantastic! It’s light and refreshing, making it a great summer option. Lemon flavor totally dominates, but is enjoyable rather than overly tart or sweet. This brew reminds me A LOT of a shandy, even though it isn’t. Highly recommended.

Outerbanks Brewing Station Lemon Grass Wheat Ale

Capital Dark Voyage is a black IPA style beer. I love this style, but haven’t had one in quite some time. This style is a fun one to review because I find they fall into three easily distinguishable categories: 1. More IPA than black 2. More black than IPA 3. Somewhere in the middle.

This beer falls somewhere between 1 and 2, leaning into the hoppy side of things. I will say it still had a decent dark malt backbone. It wasn’t my favorite black IPA ever, but it was probably top 10. Very solid beer.